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Thassos Diamond Pebbles

The best quality and shape of white pebbles after repeated processing with our own machines and innovative technology, which only we own and apply. The pure and unique white marble color, sparkling both in the sun and without it, combined with its extremely easy maintenance and appropriate variety of fraction, makes THASSOS DIAMOND an impressive choice for your home, office, garden. THASSOS DIAMOND can be found only with us.

Dimensions*: 0- 1 cm | 1 cm – 2,5 cm | 2cm – 4cm | 4cm – 6cm | 3 cm – 5 cm | 6 cm – 9 cm | 6 cm – 10 cm | 10 cm – 25 cm
Packaging: Bag – 20 kg and Big Bag – 1500 kg

*Product dimensions may vary by an insignificant percentage (cm/mm) from the listed ones in the overall content of a Big Bag



USES: Recommended for pebble floors, grass lawn, flower beds, terraces, wall coverings, garden landscaping and in general for garden decoration, indoor and outdoor areas.


  • PEBBLE 1cm – 3cm: To cover soil 4cm thick. The 1000 kg can cover about 18 square meters.
  • PEBBLE 3cm – 6cm: To cover soil 6cm thick. The 1000 kg can cover about 12 square meters.
  • PEBBLE 6cm – 10cm: To cover soil 10cm thick. The 1000 kg can cover about 7 square meters.